Wabi Sabi It!

Wabi Sabi It!

An Imperfect Blog About Imperfect Life

Creeping up both arms rose a trail of goose bumps as I sat and listened to my colleague describe the concept of Wabi Sabi. I experienced a physiological reaction of euphoria as I deeply connected to her every word, especially when she talked about “being stronger in our broken places.” Mind you, I lived in Japan for two years, but being lost in translation I had never had anyone explain this concept to me. I realized with further research that I was destined to promote and embody Wabi Sabi. This Eastern philosophy is reflective of who I was since childhood. It plagued my childlike doodles made out of boredom and anxiety; it fueled my artistic ideas as a dancer/choreographer; and inspired my home décor and appreciation of nature.


Wabi Sabi is the “art of imperfection” that takes something weathered, broken, and misplaced and then re-invents it into something that sustains meaning and relevance. Japanese craftsman would take a cracked ceramic and fill it with gold (Kintsugi). This practice was done to preserve the item and its history without disguising the repairs. The practice of Kintsugi pairs with Wabi Sabi and represents being “stronger in your broken places” and integrating our experiences into something meaningful. We are our past, our tears, and our laughter.

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So….welcome to the WiSP Blog aka Wabi Sabi It! WiSP is a psychotherapy private practice born out of my personal and professional goal of living imperfectly (and I mean very imperfect). This blog will serve as a forum for finding ways to be genuine to the concept. My work as an integrative psychologist provides a platform to tap into alternative approaches to mental wellness including artistic and holistic interventions.


I personally invite you on this journey with me to embrace the things that we cannot change and to revel in all the unanswered questions of life’s messiness.

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