wabi sabi psychology


Chiseling away at raw stone, the river smashes a once lethally jagged rock into a satin smooth and weathered river stone that you pridefully place in your window rock garden. Nature’s makeover of materials and constant ebb and flow represents one of the significant components of Wabi Sabi.

The river stone literally has chunks of itself broken apart leaving the stone rounder and in return stronger. If the challenges, devastation, and tragedy we experience in life is the jagged river stone then there is hope on the other side of chaos.

Sometimes in life we are asked to give in and our release of control can lead us to being stronger in our broken places.

The Wabi Sabi concept also entails a philosophy that purports The Art of Imperfection in life, in nature, and in love.  In reality Wabi Sabi cannot be explained in just a few English words. Wabi Sabi is something you live and something you feel at the pit of your very being. It is a journey to where you want to be in life. My reason for holding this concept at the crux of my clinical work is simply put… sustainability.

I wish to integrate the concept of seeing the beauty in imperfections and embracing acceptance as a means of sustaining balance. I believe in practicing what I preach to be the clinician and person I aspire in this life. In a therapeutic relationship we can work together to integrate Wabi Sabi into the fabric of your life and being.